Ηow quickly a battery can be charged, is something that depends on the size of the solar charger's surface (in W), the battery's size (capacity in Ah) and the daily sunshine. We should not forget that the battery is nothing more than an energy "storage". The need for energy storage therefore differs from case to case. It is important to decide whether the solar charger is to be used for simple battery maintenance (ie for filling in the battery's gaps created by natural discharge without using) or for operating electrical devices. We can suggest the most appropriate solar charger for your needs. Contact us for more information.

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Solar Battery Charger 5W - 6V
Solar Battery Charger 5W - 6VProduct Code:
Solar Charger 5W - 9V Suitable for charging and maintaining 6v batteries.  The 5W S..
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 14.52€

Solar Table
Solar TableProduct Code:
Solar Table This Solar Smart Table captures the sun’s clean and free energy which is then sto..
360.00€ 270.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 217.74€

Solar Lighting Kit with Radio FM, MP3 and USB output
80.00€ 65.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 52.42€

Universal Car and Home Adaptor for Laptop
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 36.29€

Solar Charging & Lighting System with 2 LED Bulbs
Standalone Solar Charging & Lighting Systemg Suitable for caravan, camping, boat, home. ..
55.00€ 49.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 39.52€

Solar Charging & Lighting Kit with 3 LED Bulbs
Solar Charging & Lighting Kit with 3 LED Bulbs (24050) Ideal for lighting a camping tent,..
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 39.52€

Solar Battery Booster - 40mA
Solar Battery Booster - 40mAProduct Code:
Solar Car & Motorcycle Battery Booster 40mA Replenishes the gaps created by natural disch..
15.00€ 13.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 10.48€

Solar PV Module  5W,12V -  HM43005
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 13.71€

Solar Battery Charger 5W,12V - 0,3A with Battery Clamps
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 20.16€

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