Privacy Policy

Company policy of Balafoutis Solar Systems for privacy and personal data protection of 's customers and visitors

The personal data entry of visitors / customers / members is purely optional . You can always ask us to delete your personal data and our company Balafoutis J. - Solar Systems will meet your request as soon as possible.

Our company protects the personal information of customers, both of those who simply create an account on our website and of those that just visit to purchase products.

The e-mails gathered by creating an account or subscribing to the newsletter of, are protected and not used for any purpose other than to inform customers about the activities and products of our company .

For the safe navigation of visitors / customers and their transactions in, our company is using a protocol SSL. Paypal guarantees for the safety of sensitive credit card information.

The purpose of gathering data from our website’s visitors is to facilitate our customer’s or visitor’s communication and trade with our company, as well as to provide him the best possible service in terms of commercial activities.

We guarantee to safeguard the confidentiality of these data belonging to each visitor / customer / member of our website as well as to conceal their activities from nosy bodies and non-beneficiaries . Our company’s members respect and protect your information while using them solely for the purpose of informing you about the company’s commercial activity and products.

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