About Us

In 1995 the engineer John Balafoutis founded the company Balafoutis Solar Systems in Athens Greece. The company started with the design, manufacture and sale of solar ovens. Since then it contributes to spread the use of solar energy throughout a variety of applications.

Our company provides energy solutions such as:

Solar Flood Led Lights
Solar Garden and Wall Lights
Solar Warning lights and Beacons for shipping
Solar Radios
Solar Anti – mosquito devices
Solar chargers for small rechargeable batteries AAA , AA , C, D
Solar Chargers for 12V or 24V
Flood Lights LED - SMD
LED & SMD Lamps
Water Pumps 12VDC
Small Wind Turbines - Land or Marine

Balafoutis Solar Systems also sells equipment for small and large facilities for off-grid photovoltaic systems to supply power at houses, business premises, stables, agricultural facilities, boats, caravans, factory / livestock / fish units, churches, transmitters, alarms, protection and repel of wild animals etc.

    Solar Panels
with aluminum frame
slightly flexible
folding (fully flexible)
Batteries 12V, 24V
Charge Controllers
Voltage Power Inverters from 12V DC / 24 V DC at 220V AC

Our Vision

The company Balafoutis I. envisions the widespread use of renewable sources of energy to the extent that people will be able to meet their needs without burdening the environment.

 Our Values

Our company bases its business on the following values ​​and beliefs :

We have Customer - Centered Philosophy: The customer is our priority. We focus on providing the right information and competent advice regarding the use of solar and wind energy. We start communicating with our clients asking and evaluating their actual needs. Then, we try to solve their problems with the energy solutions that we provide, and if we do not have the best solution we tell them where they can find it.

We are concerned about the environment and sustainable development: The long-term burden on the planet directs us to search for green products and applications that will meet human needs while respecting the environment and protect future generations .

We have a technical background and a store: We have technical knowledge to inform you about issues related to photovoltaic systems and you can visit us in our store to see all of our products .

We encourage people to use the abundant and inexhaustible solar energy: Greece is a country with a lot of sunshine. Solar energy should be considered a gift to the residents. We are here to suggest ways for making the best use of it.

The fact that we differ: In our market and in the Renewable Energy sector, we are perfectly straightforward and honest in our communication and the way we operate .

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