The power inverter or converter is an electronic device that converts direct current (= usually produced from 12V, 24V and 48V systems) into alternating current 110VAC & 220VAC (=compatible with the grid PPC). The converter is necessary if you are planning to use your solar or wind system to operate electrical and electronic devices that work with alternating current (eg fridge, TV etc.). If your devices are constructed to work directly at a 12V, 24V, 48V current(which is more common in boat, caravans etc.), an inverter is not needed.

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Inverter 500VA - 12V DOXIN Pure Sine Wave
135.00€ 98.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 79.03€

Universal Car and Home Adaptor for Laptop
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 36.29€

Inverter 400VA - 12V Studer AJ 500 - 12 Pure Sine Wave
Inverter AJ -500-12-S Studer Pure Sine Wave   Features and Performances ..
450.00€ 350.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 282.26€

Inverter 1200W-12V  Pure Sine Wave
Inverter 1200W-12V  Pure Sine Wave Suitable for off grid solar energy and wind energy sy..
278.00€ 225.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 181.45€

Inverter Cotek Pure Sine Wave SK 1500 - 12V
Cotek Inverter SK 1500 - 12V   The Cotek SK series inverters  provide sinusoida..
900.00€ 650.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 524.19€

Inverter Cotek Pure Sine Wave SK 2000 - 24V
COTEK INVERTER SK 2000 - 24V Pure Sine Wave The Cotek SK series inverters  provide sinus..
1,180.00€ 890.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 717.74€

Inverter Cotek Pure Sine Wave SK 3000 - 12V
COTEK INVERTER SK 3000 - 12V The Cotek SK series inverters  provide sinusoidal output vo..
1,550.00€ 1,390.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 1,120.97€

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