Solar Charging & Lighting Kit with 3 LED Bulbs

Solar Charging & Lighting Kit with 3 LED Bulbs
Solar Charging & Lighting Kit with 3 LED Bulbs Solar Charging & Lighting Kit with 3 LED Bulbs Solar Charging & Lighting Kit with 3 LED Bulbs
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Solar Charging & Lighting Kit with 3 LED Bulbs (24050)

Ideal for lighting a camping tent, a camper, a boat, a house or for outdoor and indoor activities. It can also be used as a mobile charger or other small appliances at the same time.

The product consists of 3 LED lights with a 5 meter-long wire and a switch for each LED light, a battery (inside the case), a solar panel and a USB wire with a plug set for charging different types of mobile phones. In the case where the battery is, a wire with the according plug is included, for charging with 230V AC stream.

The Solar Charging and Lighting Kit includes a high capacity battery for long duration. Just place the solar panel in clear sunlight, facing south and tilted at 35-40 degrees from the horizontal plane and connect it to the assorted battery to charge it. In case where sunlight is scarce, it can also be connected and charged by grid stream. After a full charge (13-15 hours), it can operate for more than 8 hours (depending on the number of functions that are used at the same time, eg. lighting / + charging).

The autonomous mode is ready for instant use and it is easily transported where or when power is needed and there is no other source. It has LED indicators to monitor the charging of the battery. An ON/OFF switch is located on the battery to turn on or off the power flow to the connected appliances.


Technical Specifications:

  • Battery: Rechargeable, 4Αh 6V
  • Lighting Duration: 8+ hours the minimum (depending on the number of LED lights operating at the same time)
  • Solar Panel: 9V 3W
  • Solar Panel Dimensions: 25.5 x 14 x 2 cm
  • Battery Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 5 cm
  • Charging Duration: 13-15 hours
  • With 3 spot led bulbs: (2) bulbs of 2 watt & (1) bulb of 1 watt
  • Consumption of each led bulb: 1-2 Watt
  • Efficiency of each led bulb in equivalence to halogen lamp: about 15 Watt
  • A 10-plug USB wire is included for charging mobile phones (Iphone, Smartphone) and other small appliances.
  • The product has a fourth socket for addition of a 6V light (optional)
  • Solar Panel Wire Length: 2,5 meters
  • Lights Wire Length: 3 meters
  • Warranty: 1 year



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