Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Balafoutis Solar Systems company sends many packages on a daily basis in Greece, Cyprus and other places abroad.



  • If you are located in Greece, your order will be sent in the following ways :

1. Our company has a contract with a particular shipping company that offers a special discount. Geniki Taxydromiki company is the fastest and least expensive way for us to send you your orders weighing up to 20kg. The shipping cost for each order is formed based on the actual or dimensional weight. The charge amounts to 5.54 euros (VAT included) up to 2 kg weight. For every extra pound to 10 pounds the charge is EUR 1.00 (VAT included) per kilo. For transporting heavy packages our company uses special service provided by Geniki Taxydromiki (conditions apply:  you must receive your order from the shop of the Geniki Taxydromiki and it will not come to your place). So according to this special service for orders weighing 10 kg costs stood at EUR 5.54(VAT  included) . For each additional pound up to 20 pounds , the charge is 0.50 euros per kilo.

2. Currier company of your choice . Shipping costs are determined by each company’s policy.

3. Transport company for orders weighing 20 pounds or more. If you do not know any specific shipping company, we can recommend the most appropriate for you to make it easier. Shipping costs are set by each carrier.

  • If you are located outside Greece, your order will probably be sent via the Hellenic Post Office. However, before you purchase products from our online store at, we recommend you contact us at or at +30 210 3243010 so that we can suggest you the fastest and least expensive way to receive your order depending on the country you live.
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