The 12V batteries are divided into two main categories: open type and sealed type batteries. The open type batteries need to be checked every 3 -6 months and the electrolyte must be replaced quite often. Regarding the sealed type batteries, they do not require periodic topping up in order to replace the electrolyte.

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Battery 33Ah - 12V Sealed Deep Cycle Unibat
Battery 33Ah - 12V Unibat Suitable for autonomous photovoltaic and wind power applicati..
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 73.39€

Battery 90AH
Battery 90AHProduct Code:
145.00€ 130.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 104.84€

Battery 140Ah - 12V Sealed Type Deep Cycle INTACT
Battery 140Ah - 12V INTACT  Deep Discharge - Sealed Type Suitable for autonomous p..
248.00€ 182.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 146.77€

Battery 200Ah - 12V Sealed Type Deep Cycle INTACT
298.00€ 242.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 195.16€

Battery 250Ah - 12V Sealed Type Deep Cycle INTACT
355.00€ 297.00€
Before VAT (Tax 24%): 239.52€

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